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A couple wonderfully dirty beauties - Nova Scotia.
Strange victory - return of the crystal.
An image of mine was used for the poster of this years OFFTA Festival, in Montreal. Be sure to check out some of the events, as well as my window display on the corner of Duluth and St. Denis, from May 27th - June 1st. 
Here is a quick scan of Winnie Truong in her studio. 
An image I originally shot for Bloomberg got picked up by a Newsweek in Tokyo.
Lili’s forth hair cut in one month resulted in short-short bangs.
A poor contact scan from when we were there, and it was our summer.
Lil’ Bainz.
I shot the breeze with THE EDITORIAL MAGAZINE.

It can be seen and read here:http://the-editorialmagazine.com/?p=2552

Thanks DARBY.
And follow her here: http://darbymilbrath.tumblr.com/
Claire, before she left.
The last time Mimi was here, right by the very window to my left.
Rest in peace littlest one.
Goodbye 2013. You were weird anyway.
Abby, Rattlesnake Hill - New Hampshire.
I have a lot of scanning to do…
Thank you NUVO, for giving me my contributor page debut!
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