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Squam Lake, a summer ago.
This is happening tomorrow, if you are in Toronto.I have a couple photographs in the show, including this photograph of the ever so precious Guenivive.
Family snap-shots, 2014.Nonna turns 89.
He lost a bet, this one time. 
Some new mixes and edits on the good ol’ editorial site…http://www.jamiecampbellphotography.com/editorial.htm
On the back end of the ocean, right off of a beach in Nova Scotia, we met this dog. 
A new scan, of an older image. 
Sleeping kitten, Nova Scotia.
New Hampshire dreamin’
Malin, from a while back. Four by Five.
Quiet sun spot.
A good (wo)man is hard to find.
Lili, in a make shift winter studio.
A once brief encounter with a farm cat.
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