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Satchel, quick scan.
Thanks to Kory, over at Aint-Bad Magazine for the feature. 
Thanks Feature Shoot !
Dear Vienna

I am looking to get in touch with a photographer from Vienna - If you are from Vienna, or know someone who is, please get in contact with me! I have some questions…

jamiecampbellphotography [at] gmail [dot] com

Dear Layla, 
Sometimes if you want to see a poor, dusty contact scan of you and your handsome boyfriend at the family cottage, all you have to do is ask. 
Your friend,Jamie c. 
Caught in the act by BGK …brendangeorgeko:

Jamie Campbell is Photography
My Image of Bea was featured on Art Info’s blog, along with a write up on The New Cats In Art Photography show. 
It can be seen here: http://blogs.artinfo.com/artintheair/2014/08/27/feline-art-takeover-shows-no-signs-of-slowing/
I am in great company within Humble Arts Foundation’s Group show 41 -New Cats in Art Photography

Jamie Campbell, David Brandon Geeting, Sandra Stark, Rachelle Mozman, Isabella Stahl, Ileana Hernandez, Jennifer Greenburg, Amy Lombard, Marina Caneve, Gregory Halpern, Amy Stein, Christina Kerns, David Williams, Alexandra Crockett, Orrie King, Blake Andrews, Audrey Bardou, Jill Greenberg, Scott Klinger, Noel Rodo-Vankeulen, Aneta Bartos, Elad Lassry, Jessica Labatte, Dag Nordbrenden, James Johnson, Ryan Oskin, Lex Thompson, Adelaide Ivánova, Dustin Fenstermacher, Timothy Archibald, Torsten Schumann, Ben Alper, Rebecca Smeyne, Devin Yalkin, Maria Chirco, Robin Schwartz, Owen Mundy, Geralyn Shukwit, Millee Tibbs, Bjarne Bare, Arne Svenson, YoVo Gorchey, Wendy Given, Jason Houge, Madoka Hasegawa, Anita Peltonen, Michael Bach, Sheila Zhao, Sean Ellingson, Sarah Wilmer, Talena Sanders, Dimitri Valentijn, Pawel Alicki, Tamara Kamentani, Jamil Hellu, Elisabeth Smolarz, Colleen Cunningham, Sinaida Michalskaja, Melissa Eder, Asger Carlsen, C. Mackenzi, Alice Hargrave, Varvara Mikushkina, Yogamaya von Hippel, Lolly Koon, Todd Fisher, Rachel Rampleman, Jeanette May, Isolde Woudstra, Robert Shaw, Michael Clinard, Pamela Pecchio, Rich Rollins, Geoffrey Ellis, Sandy Carson, Natalia Wiernik, Barney Kulok and F64 (Feline 64)
Thank you Nathalie for the nice little write up at the french photo blog www.ourageis13.com
As translated by google:”When you are passionate, there are countless pictures of cats … that we take. That’s what happened to Jamie Campbell. On his blog, it was discovered more than thirty portraits of cats, made with great care and love. For Toronto photographer, cats are models among others, whose expressions are photographed with the same attention as those of men”.
I’d like to send a BIG thanks over to Jeff at booooooom for the post ! 
I discovered true love, while doing some contact scans from this weekend. 
I was commissioned to shoot portraits at a wedding - so I decided to photograph with polaroid through my 4x5. I like this one best. 
Zeus’ sister. Luna.
Oslick outtake.
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